The Axelrod Firm Reaches Out to Children Separated from Family Members at the Border

At the last in-person NAMWOLF Annual Meeting, The Axelrod Firm collected 68 signed book plates, to be inserted into coloring books we purchased to send to Colores United in Deming, New Mexico for #immigrants separated from family members at the border.

We asked the attorneys who visited our booth to write a short, inspiring note with their first names and the cities where they’re from so the children who received the books would see that lawyers around the country care for them.  It’s part of our “Somos Todos Familia” (We are all family) campaign.  

We added enough crayons for all the children getting the coloring books, and shipped them off to Colores United.  

These photos, with the identities of the children blurred, show them coloring in the books we sent with the book plates attorneys signed at the NAMWOLF Annual Meeting.  We are so, so very sorry the children were separated from their families, and hope that these crayons and coloring books with uplifting personal messages bring them some measure of normalcy and joy. 

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