The Axelrod Firm Gives Back As the Largest Sponsor of Gifts Awarded To Scholars At The James G. Blaine School

Firm President Sheryl L. Axelrod is a past President of the Temple Law Alumni Association (TLAA) and serves on its Service Committee.  On April 3, 2019, she visited the James G. Blaine School for scholars from pre-K through the 8th grade, with fellow TLAA Service Committee members Judges Sheila Woods-Skipper, Sandra Moss, and Glynnis Hill, and private practice attorneys Joel Michel and Lori Garber.  The Service Committee members spoke to all the scholars in their assembly room, gave them advice,1 presented them with awards they donated to them including a MINI IPAD,2 answered 10 students’ questions there (including, “What do lawyers and judges do?” and “What do you really think about your job?”), and each went back with a class of younger students and read to them. Sheryl read, “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear,” 3 to the engaging and absolutely delightful group of kindergarten scholars who asked and answered questions about the book throughout the reading, and stole her heart!

Sheryl returned to read to the scholars at the Blaine School on May 28, 2019, this time bringing her daughter Chloe and reading, “Dragons Love Tacos.”

P.P.S. The Firm has the written permission of the Blaine School Principal to share these photos (many of which the Principal took). Now, some of the students have reported that they want to be lawyers and judges!

Sheryl’s advice was to dream big and when she asked them what she said, the auditorium erupted, “DREAM BIG!”

The Axelrod Firm, the largest gift sponsor, donated $300 toward the awards, and another $200 in supplies, to the scholars! The gift sponsors were:

$300 – The Axelrod Firm, PC
$ 50 – Judge Woods-Skipper
$ 50 – Judge Moss
$ 50 – Joel Michel
$ 50 – Amber Racine
$500 Total!

3 This book teaches readers about the importance of sharing.


The Mini iPad winner on April 3, 2019 with the TLAA Service Committee (from left to right other than the teachers and student: Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper, Joel Michel, Sheryl Axelrod, Lori Garber, Judge Glynnis Hill, and Judge Sandra Mazer Moss (Ret.)), his teachers, and Blaine School Principal Gianeen Anyika.
The terrific scholars to whom Sheryl read on April 3, 2019 and their teacher, Maureen Brower. Thank you to Ms. Brower for being such a wonderful teacher, coordinating Sheryl’s reading, and snapping this photo.
One of the students’ parents do not wish him to appear in public photos so his picture was not taken.
Thanks to Ms. Brower for this photo as well with Sheryl, the scholars, and Chloe from Sheryl’s separate visit to the Blaine School on May 28, 2019.

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