Firm President Sheryl L. Axelrod is Appointed as the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Diversity Team Ambassador

Firm President Sheryl Axelrod was appointed two years ago, and re-appointed last year, by the Chairs of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Women in the Profession Commission (PBA WIP) to serve on the PBA WIP Executive Counsel and as Co-Chair of the PBA WIP Diversity Committee.

This year, Attorney Axelrod accepted the PBA WIP Chairs’ request to be re-appointed to these positions for a third year, and to also serve as a PBA Diversity Team Ambassador.

If you are a Pennsylvania lawyer committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and would like to get involved in our work, please contact Attorney Sheryl Axelrod at

The PBA Diversity Team establishes resources and forums for enhanced communication among PBA groups with diversity initiatives. You can read more about the PBA Diversity Team by clicking here.