Sheryl Axelrod was Presented with the 2015 Temple Law Alumni Association Women’s Champion Award

On June 8, 2015 Firm President Sheryl Axelrod was awarded the Temple Law Alumni Association Women’s Champion Award.

Established by Sheryl Axelrod in 2012 during her two-year term as President of the Temple Law Alumni Association (TLAA), the TLAA Women’s Champion Award honors lawyers who have dedicated their careers to fighting for gender equality. Two years after Sheryl finished her term as TLAA President, she was bestowed the TLAA 2015 Women’s Champion Award.

Sheryl was recognized for her work in founding the TLAA Women’s Initiative, her writing and public championing of women’s equality, her mentorship of junior women in the profession, and her work launching programming to advance women lawyers

See Sheryl’s acceptance speech by clicking “Play” on the video below.