Sheryl Axelrod Teaches 7th Graders at the DePaul Catholic School

A little bit about what your neutral is doing in the classroom.
Sheryl Axelrod has spent countless hours giving back to the community, including to children in particular. 
This year, she is teaching 7th graders at the DePaul Catholic School once a month. For the October 25, 2023 session, we were joined by Judge Stella Tsai and Dañiela Wright through a program organized by Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts.
After Debbie Gross and Dañiela prepared us and gave us written materials, we had our first class on Oct. 25, 2023, and the students were incredible. 
They were so full of curiosity; so many raised their hands and asked great questions. Really what we had was a *conversation* with the students, which made it richer and more fun for everyone.
Judge Tsai led us off by asking the students which branch of government they might want to work in, the legislative, executive, or judicial branch. That set the stage for getting the conversation started and led to the students peppering us with questions, and to us asking them a bunch, too. 
Judge Tsai, Dañiela, and I each spoke about our experiences, with the Judge and me covering cases we handled during our years in private practice, and those we have since presided over (her since then as a judge, myself still in private practice, as a neutral), and Dañiela offering insights from her experience and journey to law school.

I look forward to the next session, to which I’m bringing my (5-year old) daughter, Chloe! I only wish I had also brought her to the first one.
*We got permission to take and post this picture with two of the students in it.