Sheryl Axelrod Appointed to the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Diversity Advisory Panel

The Axelrod Firm is proud and honored to report that Ms. Axelrod has been appointed by the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, The Honorable A. Michael Snyder, to serve on his #Diversity Advisory Panel with Danielle Banks, Sang Woo Lee, Brenda Marrero, Superior Court Judge Carolyn Nichols, Riley Ross, and Reggie Shuford.

This appointment happened before George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were killed and even before the pandemic, and we started our work before both.  Once the pandemic hit, we began responding to our city in crisis. 

On May 7, 2020, the Advisory Panel put on the webinar, “The Diversity and Inclusion Imperative in Times of Crisis: Why Firms and Organizations with Greater Diversity Function Better and Are More Profitable.” 


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