The Axelrod Firm understands that litigating a case and taking it to trial may not serve everyone’s best interests. Our clients, and attorneys and parties outside of our law firm, turn to us to help them resolve their matters as our partners are experienced in arbitration, private and court supervised mediation, as well as early case evaluation.  We have participated in mediations on behalf of our clients including multi-party mediations and are experienced in dealing with sensitive and high profile matters as well as matters involving cultural, language and religious sensitivities.

We also serve as Settlement Masters, Mediators, and AAA Arbitrators.

In recognition of her skills in the courtroom and at the negotiation table, Ms. Axelrod was appointed a Judge Pro Tempore (JPT) / Settlement Master, an honor bestowed by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Commerce Court on less than 130 attorneys in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In the role, she has assisted the parties in settling approximately 85% of the cases that have come before her.  This track record holds true even in matters in which the parties were ordered to attend settlement conferences before her, rather than requesting to do so, and even in cases in which counsel told her their clients’ cases would “never” settle.

Ms. Savitt, a former Chair of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA), has been a party advocate in numerous mediations, including multi-party mediations, and mediations with participants from different countries and cultures.  She is a member of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.

Both Firm Partners Sheryl Axelrod and Lisa Savitt have completed the rigorous training required to join the roster of American Arbitration Association Arbitration Panelists for consumer and commercial arbitrations, and they both have experience serving as AAA Arbitrators.