Two of Our Own Featured in the May 2017 NAMWOLF Newsletter

Axelrod Attorney Vanessa Snyder and Preston Pugh, formerly with Pugh Jones Johnson, co-authored “Walmart Ready: A Template for In-House Legal Departments Seeking to Diversify Outside Counsel Hires,” which was featured in NAMWOLF’s May 2017 Newsletter. The article details a popular panel from the NAMWOLF 2017 Business Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in which members of Walmart’s Legal team discussed their “Walmart Ready” program. The “Walmart Ready” program invites outside counsel to Walmart’s Corporate Headquarters in Arkansas for a course in the corporation’s business and culture and the inner workings of their legal department, in addition to opportunities to meet case managers for specific practice areas.

Legal and Marketing Intern Alexis Lightner recently joined NAMWOLF’s Marketing Best Practices Committee (MBPC) and wrote the Third Edition of “Dear Fang” for the May 2017 Newsletter, “How the NAMWOLF Marketing Best Practices Committee Brought Family Feud to NAMWOLF 2017.” Alexis’ article discusses the fun and interactive panel presented by the MBPC at the NAMWOLF 2017 Business Meeting and the best marketing tools available for NAMWOLF members to enhance outreach initiatives and attract potential new clients.