Sheryl Presented at the Girl Attorney National Leadership Conference!

Sheryl spoke to 100 women lawyers on, “Women Rising: Where we are, what’s holding us back – and what’s not – and how we can rise, together” at the Girl Attorney Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. The Axelrod Firm’s Leah DiMatteo attended as well as did Sheryl’s husband, Tonio, and their daughter, Chloe (pictured).

Sheryl has attended a huge number of conferences and had this to say about this one:

“From its start in the gorgeous National Museum of Women in the Arts, to the food, our conference attendees — a community of highly talented women lawyers committed to helping women rise — the conference space in the Hamilton Hotel, exquisite program and flowers [each pictured], to the fabulous fellow speakers, it was the most beautiful conference I ever attended!”

Below are photographs from the event including of her speaker’s present and card.  Women lawyers, go to Facebook and join Girl Attorney – National and Girl Attorney in each state in which you practice, and go to Girl Attorney’s website and subscribe (at the bottom) to join its wonderful newsletter.

Special thanks to Susan Carnes Curtis for creating Girl Attorney!


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