The Axelrod Firm’s Founder and CEO, Sheryl L. Axelrod, at the NAMWOLF Business Meeting in San Diego


Sheryl Axelrod had a wonderful time attending the NAMWOLF, National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, Business Meeting in San Diego, California, and connecting with the many fabulous NAMWOLF firms and in-house counsel who attended the meeting. This photo, featuring Sheryl and fellow NAMWOLF friends, is from the beautiful, surprise baby shower NAMWOLF colleagues and Teresa Beck and her children, Evan and Madison, threw for Sheryl, who is expecting a little girl on June 1st.  Sheryl intends to take 12 weeks off after the delivery of her daughter and return to her normal schedule afterwards.  All client related handling matters to occur during this time have been discussed directly with our clients.

NAMWOLF has Practice Area Committees or PACs.  At the meeting, The Axelrod Firm, which is already a  longstanding member of the NAMWOLF Employment Law PAC (the Labor & Employment PAC) and the NAMWOLF International Law PAC, joined the NAMWOLF Products Liability PAC.