The Axelrod Firm understands that litigating a case and taking it to trial may not serve anyone’s best interests. Our clients, and attorneys and parties outside of our law firm, turn to us to help them resolve their matters as our partners are experienced in arbitration, private and court supervised mediation, as well as early case evaluation.

Ms. Axelrod was appointed a Judge Pro Tempore (JPT) / Settlement Master by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Commerce Court in 2016, an honor bestowed on less than 130 attorneys in the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in recognition of her skills in the courtroom and at the negotiation table.

In addition, Firm Partner Lisa Savitt completed the rigorous training required to join the roster of AAA Arbitration Panelists for commercial arbitrations.

Sheryl Axelrod’s Representative Matters

  • A complex real estate matter involving issues surrounding title insurance, a prior foreclosure action, a mortgage, and alleged negligence on the part of 10 parties represented by six law firms. Axelrod managed to get all the parties settle the entire matter in a single day. For her Settlement Master services in the complex action, an attorney in the case, Scott Rothman, gave her the following recommendation:
    • “Sheryl served as mediator in a complex real estate litigation case, involving ten parties and six law firms. The parties and their respective counsel viewed a resolution as unlikely heading into a mediation session. Sheryl came prepared with a firm grasp of complicated facts and a good understanding of some atypical issues of law. By the end of the day, what seemed impossible became a reality, a settlement was accomplished, and an expensive trial proceeding was averted. I would recommend Sheryl for mediation services for both her knowledge of substantive law and expertise with dispute resolution.”

    • A multimillion-dollar business litigation “divorce” between the shareholders of a corporation, represented by various attorneys, resulting in the amicable buyout by one of the owners by the other two.
    • A complex business tort claim involving five parties represented by five law firms including fraud claims, which the parties settled upon the very terms recommended.
    • A multi-party action in which Axelrod was appointed by the Court to serve as the Receiver of a corporation which owned a parking lot. The matter involved claims by one of the shareholders that the others were fleecing the corporation.

Lisa Savitt has also completed the rigorous training required to join the roster of AAA Arbitration Panelists for commercial arbitrations. She is available to resolve general and bodily injury claims as well as commercial litigation disputes.