“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” — Madeleine AlbrightFrom Firm Founder Sheryl Axelrod:At The Axelrod Firm, we believe in contributing to the community we serve.The photo on the left is from The Axelrod Firm and The Salvation Army Holiday Toy Drive that I organized for local children in need.  We hold this toy drive every year.The photograph with five-year old Raquel was snapped during one of our drives. Raquel moved into a Salvation Army shelter after her father lost his job in the recession. Raquel is among the many children who benefited from the toy drive.I enjoy helping people, and regularly meet with, support, coach, and mentor Temple Law graduates and others in the profession.  The practice of law can be difficult, especially for those with less experience.  We talk about how they can network, handle bullies (the subject of a Women in the Profession panel on which I appeared — you can listen to it at this link to the podcast), get meaty assignments, improve their writing and oral advocacy skills, become better public speakers, and thrive in the profession.In September 2011, I spoke to a room of over 80 professionals from a variety of fields at the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group meeting, “Fifty Free Marketing Tips from 5 Top Lawyers and Marketing Professionals,” providing “10 Tips For Effective Networking.”I have dedicated countless hours of volunteer service to the community, most of the rest of it through the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Temple Law Alumni Association.  You can read about those efforts on our Bar Association and Within TLAA tabs, and at our Webinars and Events page.